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Related article: Date: Thursday, September 30, 2010 22 05th 39 -0500 From: Justin Luong u003cjrl816 hotmail. com u003e Subject: Bromance Chapter 4 Chapter Four : Hello, my name is that n "We must find the jury Vince Diamond guilty of all charges. " \\ \\ n " trap? hey fuck! " catch quickly awoke from his trance and Brody account transfer plate capture country -fried beef with sauce. To take your catch dish and Preteen Naturist placed before him. " Are you okay? " N "I'm fine. I have a lot in my head. " " capture, now behind bars. He and his gang did not can be more. " " if you miss, "said Evelyn. Evelyn Brody meets his gaze. "Thanks for the comment reassuring. " " She's right, Brody. You escape is possible. " " does not think so. It's good for it. Do not worry off. "n " is Preteen Naturist that so, if he runs away, the father has been all registered three of us in our choice of martial arts. I am black belt in karate. " " Is not the worst way of karate for self defense ? "Brody asked. "rescued lame, right? " Brody fell silent and began to eat his breakfast. " Exactly. " " So anyway, three finished eating quickly, so it's not too late to the first period, " Mr. MacIntyre said. "great, we need to start school already," Fang sarcasm. " Are you sure it's able to go to school, the catch? " Mr. MacIntyre said. " I'm fine," said Fang, as she took a few bites on your plate and Brody. "I'll wait outside. " "Wait, I'll be on guard ! " Brody said with a mouthful of salsa and chicken. ". No, not even thinking about it before I finish a meal Brody accompany the catch while you eat a double win. " ", but - " " This is final. " Fang and Mr. MacIntyre left the room, while Brody and Evelyn continued until the end of his breakfast. " Brody, I have a plan. " "plan ? What plan? " " Just listen, okay ? When we got to school, I want look care for the first four periods and then I take care of it for the last three. " " What and why?I can take care of him all day. " " As much as I do and who can not love, man. " " Why not ? " " Catch the last three classes are in the foreign language section and section expanded. My last three classes are in the area, so you can see after it while you are in class. "N " I see. Good deal. " " Another thing that can not be said, the parent, what we do it. They freak. " " Yes, and I do not think Fang would like sheltered appears - " " detachment. " " That's the word. Okay, so I'll stick with fishing during the first four, and hang n with him for the last three years? " " right. " " Brody ! Evelyn! Are you ready? They arrive too late if you do not start Go! " " Coming! "Both wept. *** in 10 minutes flat, from Brody, Fang, and Evelyn 's school to save five minutes. Evelyn Brody and looked was a of class. Brody and went fishing in the basement and saw no one was in the hallways. suddenly, a Preteen Naturist young man knocked on the door Brody down. Brody turned and looked at the young collect his stuff. He stood up and whipped her hair dark brown, curly side by side and looked at Brody. She smiled as her eyes. " I'm sorry. I think my parents were right. You should not text while Map. 's Dangerous. " " Oh n -no problem. I not only here the truth, I would have thought that Go ", Brody would have smiled. " Are you new here? No I've never seen here and I would realize to someone as hot as you. " " Yes, I'm new and thanks," said Brody his face as red color. " Well, I have to go to Mrs. Simmons class before she goes on a business trip. " ", Ms. Simmons? I was on my way, we can go together. " " Really? Well, thank you, " he said. "Oh, by the way, my name is Heather. " " Brody". N " Hmm. Brody with a body. " "What? " Brody laughed. " Oh, nothing. 're So sweet. " Left Brody and Heather away and left them alone capture. " Brody, Brody, Brody, you are like a donkey," Fang said as he began to walk not to lookwhere he was when he met a couple of people. " Hey, watch where you go, you bastard ! " Looked fang up and saw a large white man with blond hair, fit tower above it. "Sorry, I was not aware. " "Sorry, I was not aware," he mocked the type of capture. " Save it ! Knowledge instead freshman. " The group came to him when he went to another hall. "I have nothing against him, he is well aware of his own masculinity. Fang looked up and there was a mixture of black -white- man front of him. The he knelt and began to help and fang things. " you know a lot of this happening again, you should start a backpack. " " Thank you. How do you know much about him ? You, or what? "N " You could say, we know they are on the same computer. " " team? " " We are both on the football team. I am the quarterback. " " " " What is it? He is the kicker. " " is simply the hammer and treated people as he is high and powerful? " " He was a quarterback last year, but he has a gap, no, he's the kicker. " " You are a person too ? " " Yes " " Well, that's horrible. " " Well, why is that? " " I'm going to give anyone around me kept secrets Surviving High School. " " Well, you and me throughout the year, so I'm sure I can give you all the advice to survive this hell hole by the time it takes to complete. " " Thanks, "said Fang. " So what do you do in this room, this place is The section of freshmen. " " I'm really someone to be escorted by the school. I am told, the last minute, so I really do not know where this person. " The man takes a folded piece of paper, fold itself, and it looks on paper. " catch- Park " " I am "said Fang. " Really? Now is the fate brought us together, Fang. I am Xavier. " " I can call, X " " ? X? Hmm I've never had a nickname before and it sounds so bad ass X yes, you can call me X. " capture smiles and continues Xavier ArouKey. *** "class well, today they are only n to the curriculum and meet know that everyone in the class. If the whole world will be in your plan studies, I'm n read what I see everyone enrolled in pre- algebra, " said Mrs. Stotts. "catch, where to run in the morning? " Brody asked Fang, while its teacher read the curriculum. "Where away? Not know if you noticed, but you are one of the n left the girl for me," Fang said while watching the curriculum. " Oh, sorry, I guess I was not focused. " " Oh, good focus, concentrating on a particular person, some girls Preteen Naturist ". n "Sorry. " " do not worry about that. You are one of the few who like pussy. " "Hum ! " Mrs. Stotts said. "It seems that you both love to talk, why not a n two than you think. " capture Brody and looked at each other and then sighed both. Fang stood up and looked around where he stares at her, as he waiting. " Hello, my name is Fang Park n ' " I kI knew him from somewhere again! He is the man who was raped in the summer " shouted one of the classmates. " I heard he wanted to be violated, " said another student. N " Who wants to be raped in the world? This is crazy. " " In order to sue the person for their money. It happens a lot in cases like fast food. " " Everybody freeze! " Cried Mrs. Stotts. " Sorry, Fang. You can sit down. " " No, they're right. I got to know this car to my full extent of the n what he was doing to me. My motivation was money, Preteen Naturist but not for trial on the road. "N, Brody said. " " " Fang, do not need to explain No, I will put everything right. I have committed adultery, and if all the n I do not want a human being and everybody makes mistakes recognize then leave me alone. I'm here for school and, possibly, friends who see my past. " " It was wonderful to catch. You can sit down now, "said Mrs. Stott. " You are next. " Brody stood up and looked at Fang, whohit his head against his desk. The mess with the receiver of the hair, and breathed deeply. "Hey guys, my name is Brody and I'm getting Hawthorne brother. When I hear that you messed with him, you're with me and our business sister Evelyn MacIntyre. " n " you are in relationship with her? " a classmate asked. " We were approved during the summer. Why ? " " Oh, nothing. " " Well folks, like my brother, I'm here to school and do and to wait for some sports. " " Like what? " asked Mrs. Stotts. " Now, I like boxing and basketball. " " Well, you're lucky, this year is the first year for boxing and a lot of another defense of the sport. "N " you hear that call ? Well, maybe you can bang your head to your charity. " the capture is stopped with his head on the table and stared n Brody. " Is there anything else I said? " " You have a girlfriend ? " Asked one of the girls in the class. "No! " " Hey, I saw him first!" another girl said. " Hottie with a body," Fang muttered. " I have heard thcases, Fang. "Brody said, pushing the receiver. after all was their introduction, the bell rang. Brody n catch was Mrs. Stotts joined them. " Yes, Stott 's wife ? "Asked Fang. " In in trouble? " " No, just - if there is something to talk about that later in the years, my door is always open. This school is important, rough homosexuals like you and I know you can not rely only on Brody and Evelyn agreement with your questions. " " Thank you, note that I do, " Fang said as he walked quickly in the room. " Brody, I know you've been keeping a watchful eye on his brother, but n I say this now, it is very difficult for him his first year here. Evelyn and must follow it as much as is possible. No matter how much you may disagree with it, you have to have it at all times. " " Are you trying to say that something will happen if I do ? " " In this school, everything is possible. Besides, it is a step sThe tone of civil protection in this school and the whole school is going knows that he is the same bunker that has been abused during the summer. " " Thank you, " Brody said as he left the room quickly. " except God. Save the two. " *** As Brody near the door of his master, he realized that all the n was looking at the receiver. Brody and saw catcher saw his trust of the class had settled quickly, and now I was trembling with fear all else. Evelyn Xavier and drove quickly to take the side. " Who are you? " Brody said. " I am Javier, I am a senior here. I was asked to show to catch. I am Guess Brody. " " What is happening here? "Fang said. " Looks like someone babbling about your case, Fang. And now there are people out of the protest, which in this school, "said Evelyn. " What? " He exclaimed Brody. " Who in their right mind would do that? " " Follow me, "said Evelyn. Evelyn Xavier and began pushing their way through the crowd BrodyFishing guide in the crowd. After landing in the crowd, group in the office. Evelyn turned on the TV and saw a the window. "It seems that the audience is in the last half hour has grown" , said Evelyn. "Evelyn, thank God you do. Have you seen these people? " One attendee student asked. " There is an even larger amount in the hallways. Where are the security forces ? " " They are trying to manage the crowds. " n " Where is the manager Theo ? " " Outside". " We need someone inside. Just to come here. " "I'll see the door," said Xavier. " I'm going to Preteen Naturist see," said Fang. " You're the reason I was fishing there. If you are even remotely in the door, then crushed. " N "I just want to help in some way" said Fang, as well as Xavier. Evelyn took the microphone intercom and shouted to the LGBT community rock. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Xavier looked , noting that supporters of the LGBT club alternateg out the door. He opened the door and let the fans immediately closed the door. "I was hoping that something would happen," said Mrs. Stott. " What do we do now?" Said Javier. " Javier, you're about to catch. " "Catch hold my hand," said Xavier. "What? " *** "catch holding my hand. " "What? " Fang called adjustment of his dream state. " Your hand. " Fang looked at his hand and his face turned red immediately. that let go and looked away. "Were you dreaming? " " Uh, yeah, sorry. " " Does that mean more to you ? " " recently ". n "I thought it would only be too boring to talk," Javier said, laughing. said "No way ! " Catch Xavier crowd. " What did you dream ? " " Um, why do you ask? " "that seemed to look very hard, as if you were by my side. " N "Sorry, I'm not too serious. " " is fine. Only I warn you do. " "How do I warn you, if I'm dreaming ? " " Oh, yes, uh, I think I will just try to respect whs to do over again. " " I will not try. " " What will happen soon, " thought the receiver. " Do you dream again ? ' " No, just thinking. " " You think too much. " " Do not you think ? " " Not really, just go with the flow. " " Lame. " " Hey, is not lame. I'm just another way of doing things. " " What is lame. " " OK, Lennon. "N " I remember John Lennon? "N " I know, it seemed fair. Anyway, this is your last class, "said Xavier look at the schedule. " First Chinese After you. " drink wine and realized that all the decorations displayed in the room unfortunately something related to China, but instead of Germany. The teacher s was defiant Chinese, but simply I did not feel right. Perhaps China teaches German. "Is this the right place? " Fang said Xavier. " not sure ", said Xavier. " What are their names? " Said the teacher all the way from your desktop. " catch Park " " n Xavier Van ' " you're in the right class, take a seat. " " This is Preteen Naturist Chinese ? " Fang said. "Nofooled by the decor could. I'm new, so I have my own room yet. I am of exchange with the German teacher. It has morning, afternoon, I classes. " Fang sat in the back of the class and realized that Xavier Sat with him. Capture Xavier looked confused. " What ' s Xavier asked. "Do not to stay I'm pretty sure she just said this is the kind of law " " I do not know if you noticed, but I gave my name also. I am also in this class " " But you are an older person. " " And that means you can not a foreign language class ? " n " Well, I think you have done with any kind of foreign language s, that from now on. " " I am. I just wanted a new school. This is my last year. " " Sorry, " muttered Fang n. As the minutes passed students, the class is full. By end of 5 minutes time, the professor went to the table and began to write his name, pronounced like the woman Cai word " sigh". "class well, my name is Mrs. Cai. Jing is not, as you all in the n times. This is where the school has made ​​a mistake. " " Why do you make a mistake in your name? "Asked one student. " Well, in my country we have the last name first and then our name seconds. " " This is strange. " " For you, maybe, but not for me. If we look at each n are the presentations. Now I have spoken two of us here. Xavier, why not go first. " " Okay, well most of you -. " " Arise, please, " demanded Mrs. Cai. Xavier sighed and stood up. " My name is Xavier Van, the quarterback of our football team. " " But this is the first day, as is the quarterback? "Ms. Cai request. " I quarterback last year, so I'm on the quarterback well this year. " " So I just gave it to you? Not even have to work for it ? What If you are not as good as last year? " " I'm pretty sure I'm better than last year. " " I think that's where you're going to have to prove that correct? ""That 's the point. " Ms. Cai smiled and said: ".. I can sit capture, s turn," catch up and saw Mrs. Cai, what appeared to very disinterested, what was happening, and I was reading your the list of students. " I'm putting Park and I am a newbie here. For me, not sure what else to say to ". n "Well, you're just boring, right? " " Excuse me?" "I'm just kidding. What do you like about how things are to do your hobbies? " " In addition to attracting trouble?" Fang thought. "I like to watch TV. " " That's great and all, but I want something from you is that you know apart from all others in this school brats. " "I 'm a dreamer," he muttered fang. " You have to talk. " "I am a dreamer. My imagination seems that the only thing that keeps me from healthy. " Are " and how do? " " keeps me calm and makes me want to be more to life than n Currently in me. " " Well, it 's Preteen Naturist coming! " *** " The fishing was good," said Xavier asBoth were at the foot of the class. " Really? " " Yes, it looks good because the dream of many. " " Thanks," said Fang rolled his eyes. " I mean that in a good way. " N "I'm sure you've done. " Suddenly, it looks nasty girl ran in the direction \\ \\ n Xavier and kisses on the lips. " Hello Xavier, I have not seen all day, where have you been?" " Oh, I'm getting displayed around the school. " "trap ?" Xavier about to catch and she gives him a false smile. " Oh hello, nice to meet you! " N " I do not think I've seen this morning," thought the receiver. " Hi, nice to meet you. " " Well, Javier, we have to go ! Mentioned, we have the rehearsal dinner my mother tonight. " n " Yes, but it's only 01. 30. " " Yes, we must also help set the wedding. " " Oh, okay. well, tomorrow I will take a talk. Both were away and could take in the office waiting for Evelyn Brody. seemed an eternity, and Evelyn Brody appeared. "sorry, fang. I was soin school elections, which I completely forgot on you. " " Yes, and I -. " " Forgetting losing everything, while the soul in the ass of a girl or tits? " " What? "Asked Evelyn. N " What? " " You should see it! " " So you ! " " Okay. The office was a guy show me around. " ", who " asked Evelyn. N "? Xavier Van. " " " " They had the shower bag to show you everything? It looks very nice for me to even have a class together. " " Oh, well, all the kids in this school that you fall for one of the largest stock of s douche at this school. Thank God, this is his last year. " " I never said I liked. " " " " Well I was wrong - Exactly, " ".. " " is harmless anyway. It is not even gay. He has a girlfriend. " " Yes, the bitch of the school, Heather. " " You hear that Brody? She 's a bitch. " " Do not tell me. That forces his bitch used his charm is not surprising that me. " " She 's a nice girl. " " You're late, Brody, " Fang. That Sorry it took so long, my laptop crashed so now I haveto use, no matter what computer s for myself. Well, it took a while before the next by. Send me an e- mail than you think !
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